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In October 2021, I started this conversation on “Women, Wealth, and Wills”, with the hope that everyone will have access to necessary information on how to empower themselves, build their wealth, and put things in place for their beneficiaries to access when they are long gone.

I have written over 40 articles on this as a weekly columnist.

I also did an expose on the radio on setting up a Will or Trust fund. Reading the news on the story of ‘56 Nigerians who left unclaimed assets in the UK’ saddens my heart. It’s sad how people leave their children and loved ones to suffer without access to their assets after they are gone.

Unclaimed assets naturally return to the state. All of these unclaimed assets will revert to the British government if no one claims them. In some countries, the property is assumed abandoned when it remains unclaimed for at least five (5) years and attempts to contact the owner of the property have been unsuccessful.

A line-up of some of the…

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