How Igbo in the North will vote in 2023 –Chief Chikezie Nwogu

Chief Chikezie Nwogu is the President General, Igbo Delegate Assembly in the 19 Northern states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. A few weeks ago, he was elected as the President, Elders Community Leaders Association in Kano State. In this interview, the renowned statesman dropped hints on the challenges of non – indigenes in the state. He also spoke on how Igbo in the North will vote in the 2023 elections, saying they would mostly settle for efficiency and not tribalism or religion. He also commented on Peter Obi’s candidacy in the present race to Aso Rock and the failure of APC and PDP to present an Igbo presidential candidate. He spoke to DESMOND MGBOH.  

You have just been elected as the President of the Elders Community Leaders Association of Kano State. How do you feel about your new responsibilities? 

I feel highly challenged by this new assignment and happy also that I have been chosen for this role. The truth is that I was the Vice President of the association…

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