Two Fort Hood Soldiers Sent to Prison for Migrant Smuggling

Two former U.S. Army soldiers stationed at Fort Hood were sentenced to almost two years in prison for their roles in a conspiracy to smuggle migrants past a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint. The soldiers wore their uniforms to hopefully avoid suspicion.

This week, Emmanuel Oppongagyare (22) and Ralph Gregory Saint-Joie (19) went before U.S. District Judge Diana Saldana who sentenced them to 21 and 13 months in prison, respectively, for conspiring to smuggle migrants. Both men pleaded guilty to their charges in August 2021.

During sentencing, the pair asked for forgiveness, however, Saldana said the two men worked hard to make their smuggling attempts successful.

The case began on June 13, 2021, when Oppongagyare and Saint-Joie drove a sedan across the Hebbronville Border Patrol checkpoint. When asked by authorities about their destination, they claimed to be traveling from McAllen to San Antonio. When a Border Patrol agent asked why they took detour through that area, the men…

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