That Nigerians May Stop Committing Partial Suicide Called ‘Japa!’

The above caption is inspired by Theodor Kallifatides, the Greek immigrant to Sweden, whose works were written in Swedish. According to the accomplished novelist and poet, “Emigration is a kind of partial suicide. You don’t die, but a great deal dies within you. Not least, the language”. This cold fact regardless, a simple survey of major urban centres in the country will easily show that nearly half the population know someone who in the past one year emigrated or is about to relocate from Nigeria to countries with better prospects and quality of life.

In a fad fancifully termed “Japa”, Nigerians with the means are increasingly bailing out of the country, reminiscent of scenes from Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the reins of government. It is no longer the case of poor Nigerians stowing away in aircraft components other than the cabin or braving the Sahara or Mediterranean to desert a hellish Nigeria, eggheads and sundry experts are leaving in droves. The…

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