Ron Klain slammed for description of economy Biden inherited: ‘Hellish conditions…perpetuated by your party’

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White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain was blasted Thursday for his description of the state of the country President Biden inherited when he took office.

In an interview at The Atlantic Festival, Klain said people were going hungry, unemployment was high, and businesses and schools were shutdown.

“It’s easy to forget that when Joe Biden came to office, we’d turn on the tv at night, people were in line in football stadiums, looking for a box of food. The unemployment rate was nearly 10 percent,” he said, although the unemployment rate was 6.4 percent in January 2021. “We had 20 million people out of work and businesses closed and schools closed.”

A clip of the interview was heavily criticized on Twitter, with many pointing out that it was policies in Democrat-run states that kept lockdowns in place into 2021 and dragged down the economy. 


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