PA Democrat John Fetterman’s Covered up Tattoo

Pennsylvania’s radical Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, appears to have covered a forearm tattoo that read: “I WILL MAKE YOU HURT.”

Fetterman’s forearm tattoos are often prominently displayed below the rolled-up sleeves of one of his token Carhartt sweatshirts, but one tattoo he reportedly had while serving as mayor of Braddock is no longer visible. In 2009, Janet Reitman authored a profile on far-left Fetterman in Rolling Stone, headlighting his forearm tattoos at the top of the piece: 

Fetterman inked the [Braddock’s] ZIP code, 15104, on his left forearm. Since then, he has tattooed the dates of every mur­der committed in the town on the underside of his right arm. On the top of his forearm, in bold black letters, he inscribed the words I WILL MAKE YOU HURT. ‘That’s what it does to me,’ he says. ‘It’s very per­sonal.’ [Emphasis Added] 

By the time Fetterman launched his failed bid for U.S. Senate in the Keystone State…

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