‘Extremist So-Called Leaders’ Are Banning Abortion Post-Roe

Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday called pro-life politicians “extremist so-called leaders” for instituting limits on abortion following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“And immediately, of course, following Dobbs, extremist so-called leaders — that’s what I call them — extremist so-called leaders across our nation began to pass and enforce laws to criminalize doctors, nurses, healthcare providers,” Harris said at the Democratic Attorneys General Association conference.

“I mean, think about those folks — why they entered that profession, their sense of calling and duty to heal and help. And these so-called extremist leaders are passing laws to criminalize these folks, passing laws to punish women,” Harris continued.

Harris complained that the Supreme Court “intentionally shifted the fight for reproductive rights to the states” and praised Democrat attorneys general for “bravely defending reproductive…

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