Even George and Julia can’t rescue this romcom: BRIAN VINER reviews Ticket To Paradise 

Ticket To Paradise (12A, 104 mins)

Rating: **

Verdict: Starry but feeble 

Don’t Worry Darling (15, 122 mins)

Rating: **

Verdict: More Styles than substance 

There are more stars in this week’s two major releases than I fancy will be bestowed on them by critics. Ticket To Paradise is a particular disappointment; an A-list cast — George Clooney and Julia Roberts — in a B-minus film.

It’s a romcom that relies far too heavily on the undoubted charisma and chemistry of its leads to sprinkle stardust on a hackneyed premise whereby two people who loathe each other end up in love.

We have seen it a thousand times before in better pictures; indeed, it’s the most whiskery of comedic devices, stretching right back to the likes of The Philadelphia Story (1940).

If the writing and plotting are sharp enough, as they have been through the decades in films such as The Goodbye Girl (1977), Groundhog Day (1993) and The Proposal (2009), it will always be a winning formula. But Ticket To Paradise,…

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