Enjoy your Airbnb — just don’t forget to do the laundry and take out the trash

But renters are getting increasingly fed up with lists of do’s and don’ts that await them inside. Strip the beds, wash the linens, load and unload the dishwasher, water the plants, mow the lawn, don’t touch the record collection…

And that’s on top of triple-digit cleaning fees.

The backlash against persnickety hosts is growing, according to reporting from the Wall Street Journal. One traveler told the Journal that her $299-a-night Airbnb in Sedona, Arizona, came with a $375 cleaning fee, plus a list of chores.

Which is pretty much the last thing anyone wants to do on vacation.

Airbnb hosts say there are two reasons for the higher fees and the chore demands: Covid-19 raised sanitation requirements, and — you guessed it — inflation. The cost of hiring cleaners is up, as are utility bills. And hosts aren’t renting out their properties just for fun — they’re running a business.

Airbnb allows hosts to set their own rates and encourages them to avoid cleaning fees if possible. The…

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