China’s COVID-19 Lockdowns Kill 22 People in Uyghur Region in One Day

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Wednesday that at least 22 people died from starvation or lack of medical attention in a single day under China’s brutal coronavirus lockdown in Ghulja, a city in the Uyghur region of East Turkistan.

RFA investigated the Ghulja deaths because Uyghurs trapped in coronavirus lockdowns have been begging for help on social media, their pleas noted and boosted by Uyghurs living abroad.

As RFA pointed out, these are not the first accounts of starvation since Ghulja went under lockdown early last month, but the situation has grown desperate enough for the oppressed Uyghurs to risk severe punishment by demonstrating in the streets and posting videos online:

Last week, more than 600 mostly young Uyghurs from a village in Ghulja were detained by authorities in Xinjiang after they ignored a strict COVID-19 lockdown and staged a peaceful street protest against a lack of food that had led to starvation and deaths.

Videos posted by desperate Uyghurs on…

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