Angry Britons quick respond to the Chancellor scrapping banker’s bonus cap by sharing memes

Angry Britons have quickly waded in on the Chancellor’s announcement to axe the cap on bankers’ bonuses by sharing memes of notorious fat cats including Gordon Gekko.   

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng set out a series of measures in his so-called mini-budget on Friday, including abolishing the top rate of income tax for the highest earners, axing the cap on bankers’ bonuses, and adding restrictions to the welfare system.

From April, the 629,000 earners getting more than £150,000 a year will no longer pay the top income tax rate of 45% and will instead pay the 40% applicable to those on over £50,271. 

But the announcement has been met with backlash amid fears it will see the return of a ‘culture of greed’ in the City as Britons suffer from a deepening cost-of-living crisis.

People immediately began sharing memes about bankers and high earners celebrating the announcement – including one showing fictional villain of the popular Oliver Stone film ‘Wall Street,’ Gordon Gekko, who has…

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