2023 General Election : Deltans call for issue-based campaigns

As the window for campaigns opens in a few days, some eligible voters in Delta state want Nigerians to focus on candidates whose campaigns are based on critical issues that will move the country forward.

ait. live interacted with some of them in Warri who believed that credibility should be considered over party affiliations.

Eligible voters have been divided in opinions between electing political candidates based on party affiliations over credibility.

This controversy has over time led to voting for some candidates who have made no meaningful impact in government while in office to the detriment of the masses.

But the majority believe that the forthcoming 2023 general election is another opportunity to correct some of the past errors by voting for credible candidates.

Others who also spoke to ait. live berated the issue of voter inducement which has been an agelong fraud in the electoral system.

As the count down to the general elections begin with the…

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