OPINION: President William Ruto: The Legend Killer!

Kenya and Nigeria have few things in common. Like Nigeria Kenya is an Anglophone country where English language is generally spoken. Like Nigeria the east African country is an economic ‘superpower’ as Nigeria in West Africa. Like Nigeria Kenya had experienced politico-social turmoils and bloodshed in their chequered national history. Like Nigeria ethno-religious politics is often used nefariously by depraved politicians to divide and rule the people. Unlike Nigeria, however, Kenya has enjoyed certain relative political stability post-independence. Though political violence had reared its ugly head following disputed presidential poll results the country has never experienced a military coup — much like Senegal, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania etc.

Kenya had organized general elections (sometimes controversial like Nigeria) but the judicial system, fiercely-independent, had played crucial decisive roles in settling the disputes saving lives and the sanity of the polity. The…

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