iPhone 14 review: More of a good thing

The iPhone 14 is officially here, and the story is more of the same. Apple’s latest smartphone is both the best new iPhone for most people ready to upgrade, and a pretty iterative improvement that owners of last year’s model can skip. But if you fall into the former camp, you’ll find a lot to love here.

The iPhone 14’s big changes include an improved camera system with some especially great video tricks, as well as a range of handy safety features that could someday save your life. When you couple that with the beautiful design, great display and long battery life that we’ve come to expect from the entry-level iPhone, you’ve got a great $799 device for first-time iPhone buyers — or those who haven’t upgraded in a few years.

But is the iPhone 14 the right fit for you? I spent a week using it as my main handset — playing games, hopping on calls and taking tons of pictures in the process — to help figure that…

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