Inside Demi Lovato’s Los Angeles farmhouse

Written by Hanna Pham, CNN

There’s no mistaking Demi Lovato’s Los Angeles home for anyone else’s, with eclectic furnishings and playfully decorated rooms reflecting the singer-songwriter’s dynamic personality.

“It’s totally different because the last house that I owned for myself — I didn’t have a vision for it,” Lovato told Architectural Digest in a web-exclusive tour of the 8,500 square-foot modern farmhouse she purchased in 2020. “It was just this blank, white, minimalistic yet cozy home… I really loved living there, but at the same time, it felt empty.”

This time around, Lovato collaborated with Argyle Design founders Kat Bell and James Drew — who helped fill the home with fun, stylish touches, such as an enormous color-changing cloud lamp by Rania Peet that is suspended under a psychedelic mural by Jen Stark.

“I was in a place where I wanted everything in my house to be super trippy,” Lovato is quoted as saying. “I wanted it to be kind of psychedelic and super vibey, but I…

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