Conservative South Korean President Says ‘Freedom’ 18 Times in U.N. Speech

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, one of the few conservatives to win a presidency anywhere in the world this year, urged the United Nations in his speech on Tuesday to “stand together in solidarity” and defend freedom from wherever a threat may arise.

Yoon’s remarks, his first address to the annual General Assembly debate, echoed much of what he told Koreans in his inauguration speech in May. On that occasion, he used the word “freedom” 35 times; to the United Nations, he said “freedom” a mere 18 times, according to the organization’s official English-language transcript.

Unlike many other heads of state who address the forum, Yoon abstained from describing any particular international crisis or bringing up particular grievances. Yoon notably did not mention the 70-year-old war with North Korea and growing nuclear tensions with the country, tensions that appeared to worsen when Yoon offered an…

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