African volleyball champion with big dreams

“I am so sorry I missed your call earlier, I was in a training then and I had to quickly return your call immediately after I saw that you had tried to reach out to me. During my leisure time I like to train because that’s the only way I can stay fit and improve on my game because I have a target,” Ismail Tiamiyu, a volleyball player, said in a phone conversation with our correspondent after several attempts to reach him.

Tiamiyu’s attitude and determination are a true reflection of a quote by genius German scientist, Albert Einstein, “Those who dare to dream often have a broader perspective in life and can turn the improbable to the possible.”

The teenager from Kwara State, in a chat with PUNCH Sports Extra, said his dream was to play volleyball at the highest level, regardless of the challenges and limitations the country posed to young aspiring athletes.

“The target for me is to aim higher and one day leave Nigeria to play abroad because…

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