Wall Street Journal editorial board calls out Biden for COVID comments: He wants it ‘both ways’

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The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board called out President Biden’s declaration that the COVID-19 pandemic is over, saying he was trying to have it “both ways” by continuing to exercise emergency powers.

“President Biden finally dared to say it on Sunday, declaring in an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” that the ‘pandemic is over.’ Various public-health eminences are saying he’s wrong, but his comments recognize the reality of the disease at this stage and the public mood,” the board wrote. 

“The trouble is that his Administration still hasn’t lifted its official finding of a Covid public-health emergency,” the board added.

The piece went on to list several critiques pushing back against Biden’s claim, including Scripps Research Translational Institute Director Eric Topol, who tweeted Sunday, “Wish this was true. What’s over is @POTUS’s and our government’s will to get ahead of it, with magical thinking on the new bivalent…

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