Katie Porter received royalties from books she required students to purchase during tenure as a law professor

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California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter — a former law professor who was paid more than $285,000 one year during her time at the University of California, Irvine — earned thousands of dollars in royalty fees from law school textbooks that she required her own students to purchase for the courses she taught.

In 2017, Porter, who is now seeking re-election to the House this November, was paid $286,674 to teach two courses per semester at the institution, according to Transparent California.

Since her arrival in Washington, Porter has campaigned on making education more affordable for Americans and stated in 2020 that the American political system has “favored the wealthy and well-connected for far too long” as “powerful people live in one reality while the rest of us live in another.”

For several of the courses she taught, Porter made it a requirement for her students to purchase textbooks she authored and received royalties from,…

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