Gavin Newsom Wants DeSantis Arrested for ‘Kidnapping’; Bused Homeless People Out of San Francisco

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) demanded that the Department of Justice investigate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for “kidnapping” for flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard — but Newsom bused homeless people from San Francisco elsewhere.

As National Public Radio reported in 2006, then-San Francisco Mayor Newsom launched the “Homeward Bound” program in an unsuccessful effort to rid the city of homeless people who were attracted by generous welfare and relatively warm weather.

Under the voluntary program, homeless people who applied were given a same-day one-way bus ticket to their cities of origin, “where friends and family may help them,” NPR noted.

NPR reported at the time that Newsom saw the program as a way to save money on public services as well as to remove some of the city’s homeless population:

Send the homeless back home, back to where they’ve come from, where friends and family may help them. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom calls his Homeward…

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