Eric Dier: Tottenham defender says he feels ‘too uncomfortable’ for family to attend away games

Dier confronted a fan in the stands following Tottenham’s FA Cup loss to Norwich in March 2020

Eric Dier says he feels “too uncomfortable” for his family to attend away matches and believes fan behaviour in football is a “serious problem”.

He also revealed abuse was aimed at his brother in Spurs’ 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last month.

“[Fan behaviour] has definitely got worse,” Dier said.

“For me it is a serious problem. I had some family and friends at the Chelsea away game with Tottenham and they had problems and stuff.

“I wanted to emphasise it was both sets of fans – I am not saying it is Chelsea fans or Tottenham fans, it is football fans in general.”

Last season, the UK’s Football Policing Unit said fan disorder was “getting worse” and arrests at football matches across the top five English leagues were at their highest levels in years.

Concerns were also raised about safety at grounds after a number of pitch invasions at the end of last season with tougher measures…

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