Erdogan to UN General Assembly: Be ‘much more influential’


Turkey’s leader, overseeing a nation encircled by regional disputes, used his speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday to shine a spotlight on Turkish maneuvering in conflicts that span from Syria to Ukraine.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech comes as Turkey is beset by staggeringly high inflation — officially at 80%, but more than double that, analysts say.

Erdogan blamed inflation on globally high food and energy prices rather than his government’s economic policies. His speech, however, focused more on laying out his view of Turkey’s role in the world. He said Turkey is “trying to be part of the solution” in conflicts around the world.

Touching on multiple hot -button issues, he spoke about the need for stability in Iraq, fair elections in Libya, food security in the Horn of Africa, the need for Palestinian statehood, the rights of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and Uighur Muslims in China, and standing up to anti-Muslim sentiment globally.

His remarks also…

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