Don Lemon is stunned into silence when royal commentator says African kings should pay reparations

CNN anchor Don Lemon was at a loss for words after a royal commentator told him slavery reparations are necessary – but said they should be paid by the descendants of ‘African kings’ who sold their own people into slavery. 

Lemon interviewed Hilary Fordwich on September 13, following Queen Elizabeth II‘s death, and suggested the British royal family should pay reparations for the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

In the interview, which went viral on Twitter this week, Fordwich responded by arguing that African leaders were responsible for supplying millions of enslaved people to European slave traders, saying that reparations should come from African nations.

A stunned Lemon responded that it was an ‘interesting discussion’ and quickly concluded the interview.

From the 16th to the late 19th century, at least 12 million African men, women and children were enslaved and transported to the Americas, where they were traded as chattel property primarily by Europeans and Euro-Americans.


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