Bosch Warns Electric Vehicle Industry over Reliance on Battery Cells

The head of mobility services for German electronics giant Robert Bosch GmbH has warned the electric vehicle industry of the reliance on battery cells and possible shortages in the future.

Bloomberg reports that Markus Heyn, the head of mobility services for Bosch, has warned the electric vehicle industry over its overreliance on a single fuel source — battery cells — as Europe’s energy crisis worsens.

Heyn, who’s also a board member of the auto parts giant, told the Monday edition of the Stuttgarter Zeitung: “We’re currently seeing the consequences of the gas shortage for Germany and Europe because we prepared too few alternatives. In the automotive industry, we should use this occasion to ask ourselves what we can do if there should ever be too few battery cells.”

 (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner, File)

He said in that case, “everyone would certainly like to see an alternative to battery power. But this will only exist if we have prepared it in good time.”…

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