Aircraft crisis persists as airlines struggle for forex

Domestic airlines may suffer forced depletion of aircraft following the struggle of local carriers to raise enough foreign exchange to run checks and conduct comprehensive maintenance of their fleets overseas.

In light of this latest development, aircraft ferried overseas would be forced to remain in various maintenance facilities until the airlines are able to source funds to pay for their repairs and subsequent return to service in Nigeria.

The result of this is that any aircraft that is due for major check, such as the C-check, which is only carried out overseas at the moment, would be parked.

Also, any aircraft that develops fault beyond A and B checks, which can be done in Nigeria, will also be parked.

This, by extension, will lead to a forced depletion of operating aircraft, unless more aircraft are brought into the country and soon too.

Industry experts say that already, airlines are losing seats and this has given rise to high demand, high…

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