The Russian beast, American scammers, NATO hypocrisy and unfortunate Ukrainians, by Achike Chude

Sahara Reporters

Or what king would go to war against another king without first sitting down with his counselors to discuss whether his army of 10,000 could defeat the 20,000 soldiers marching against him?
 – Jesus Christ

Hell is on the loose in Ukraine. And it brings with it all the fiendish ingredients of death, destruction, blood, tears and sorrow. They come through the muzzles of the Kalashnikovs, the sub-machine guns, tanks, and missiles from the land, sea, and air. 

War, that eternal mischief and ruination of civilizations, peoples, and humanity is afoot in Ukraine. Hatched by people of dubious human credentials and encouraged by warmongers who are in truth disposed to cowardice, fear, and avarice of the worst kind, the victims are almost always people who had nothing to do with the reasons for the war in the first place.

It was unthinkable before now that war in modern times could be fought in Europe. With the level of sophisticated and lethal weaponry available, such a war would have all the frightening potential of bringing about greater peril to the entire human race if anything went spectacularly wrong. 

For all the claims mankind makes about advancement in human civilization and culture, today’s modern man is no different from his counterpart from the dark or middle ages. Perhaps he is worse because he at least has the benefit of the gadgets, technology, and information of the modern age. Today’s modern man is more vicious, self-loving, and self-loathing than his forebears.  

Not too long ago, the United States and coalition allies dropped over 415 cruise missiles and 600 bombs over the skies of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, killing over 200,000 – 700,000 thousand people – all on a lie. The bombing and carnage of Libya followed suit afterward under the direction of the Europeans and Americans until that country became a no man’s land and is now a haven for non-governance, anarchy, terrorists, human slavery and all forms of debased human conducts. From there, bands of mercenaries and unsavoury characters have laid siege on African nations from the Islamic Maghreb in North Africa to the Sahel of West Africa and adjoining countries like Nigeria and Cameroon.

To be fair to the human race of then, and now, there were voices of dissent against those wars, voices that rose in condemnation of the mindless conflicts created deliberately to satiate the base and venial instincts of politicians, policymakers and capitalist enterprises intent on making profit from human misery and the…

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