How will Putin attack the West? Online banks and mobile phone reception will CUT OUT, nations will be hit by blackouts and the NHS will be crippled by hackers as Russian undercover agents walk streets to steal war secrets

Britain may not yet be at war with Russia – but the invasion of Ukraine could see the Kremlin try to knock out UK TV, broadband and phone networks as well as online banking and NHS systems in an all-out cyber-conflict with the West at the dawn of a new Cold War, experts told MailOnline today.

Vladimir Putin could also try to force internet giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp offline – although US sources have said that any major Russian global cyber attack could trigger NATO Article 5 and spark World War Three. 

Ed Arnold, Research Fellow in European Security at RUSI, the UK’s leading defence and security think tank, told MailOnline: ‘If cyber activities escalate, businesses and people in the UK can expect disruption of websites, communication platforms, networks and in extremis, UK critical national infrastructure’.  

Russia’s ‘dictator’ President is not expected to launch a military attack on the UK or its Nato allies unless they set foot on Ukrainian soil and engage with his armed forces.

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