DETAILED: Bamise Ayanwole's final Moments after boarding BRT


Bamise Ayanwole was leaving work on February 26 when she boarded a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicle heading to Oshodi from Chevron bus stop. Ten days later, on Sunday, her mutilated corpse was found. Her last known message was sent from within that bus, driven by a certain ‘Andrew Nice Omininikoron’.


Bamise, the last of her parents’ 10 children, worked around Chevron in the Lekki area of Lagos. After work, around 7pm, she walked down a street towards the bus stop to get a bus, as she did every other day. On this day, she planned to visit Pelumi Caleb, her elder brother who resides around Idimu, for the weekend. She had told him days before that she might come visiting but she planned the visit as a surprise.

“She left her office at Chevron before 7pm,” Pelumi told FIJ on Monday. “She usually walks to her bus stop. But then, what transpired happened between seven and seven-thirty something. She got to her bus stop, that’s Chevron bus stop. On getting there, she saw a BRT bus. Maybe she had the card, I don’t know. But the BRT bus stopped to pick her up.”

“The driver said ‘oh fine girl, I will try and carry you. Only you, I will not pick another person’. So, she just hopped in. Then she said, ‘why are your lights not on?’ He said ‘Don’t worry, just go and sit at the back’.

“Getting to the back, she noticed that for real the guy did not pick another person. So she started feeling uneasy, having told her friend, her colleague at work, that she was coming to my own house, that she wanted to pay me a surprise visit, that she didn’t want me to be aware that she was on her way,” Pelumi said.

“So, she was chatting with her friend with voice notes. On getting to the back of the bus, she informed her friend. She first snapped the inner part of the bus, that picture captured the number of the BRT. then she did a video, a short video. She zoomed in.”


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